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Mas Snowboard is Turkey's first snowboard manufacturing company, which was established by close friends in 2018. It was established as a result years of research and development. MAS Snowboard, which has become the first snowboard brand in Turkey, has its effects abroad. MAS Snowboard, which makes boards for both sliding and highlighting the user's own style, also provides custom-designed boards. MAS Snowboard is located in the city of Istanbul, the bridge between the engineering quality of Europe and the manufacturing power of Turkey.
MAS Snowboard aims for each user to reflect their own unique style.
 We are constantly transforming our production. Together with our powerful partners every year we are improving our technology and production level. 

Our purpose is to refresh the minds and make a difference and positive change for the planet;

A white mountain,

A clear ocean,

An azure sky,

And a lush forest,

What are we fighting for

Get out and show your stance;

This WORLD is ours!

Thank you for choosing us

34775  Rana Sokak, No:5 Yukarı Dudullu Mah. Ümraniye/İstanbul/Turkey
Phone:+90501017067   /

Fullmånegatan 16 S-41532 Göteborg / Sweden
Phone:+46 73-462 57 07

66 Craigie St, Somerville, MA 02143, USA

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